Kavuncu V. (Yürütücü)

AB Destekli Diğer Projeler, 2004 - 2005

  • Proje Türü: AB Destekli Diğer Projeler
  • Başlama Tarihi: Temmuz 2004
  • Bitiş Tarihi: Mart 2005

Proje Özeti

The education on the field of balneotherapy and hydrotherapy is very limited in Turkey. It is very important for the trainers to improve the educational knowledge, to study on the various education programs and to improve their skills on the new learning and teaching methods. The aim of the project was to improve the quality by getting the knowledge of new learning and teaching techniques and the guidance and the counseling.

In Germany there are a lot of acute care hospital and rehabilitation clinics that the various hydrotherapy techniques are widely used. There are more than 300 physiotherapy schools. It was aimed to transfer the knowledge and organization in those clinics and hospitals, so that the quality of the education will be better in our school. The equality of the education programmes in hydrotherapy between Turkey and European countries are important in integration of Turkey to European Union.

Our partner, ESTA-School of Physiotherapy has a quality license in education. They have a total of 21 trainers in their school and sending their students to more than 10 different rehabilitation clinics, located in their area. The director of the school had organized all the contacts before the beginning of the project so that all the work flow was  

very well. Besides the ESTA school of physiotherapy (Lehranstalt für Physiotherapy) these appointments were with the Bielefeld University (Physiotherapy Fahrhochschule), 10 different rehabilitation clinics, dermatology clinic, wellness centers and 2 thermal units.   On these contacts the authorized persons of each organization were very kind to us and share the documents and knowledge. The authorized persons of the hosting organization were planned to make a visit Turkey to search the opportunity for being a sending organization in next years.

          With the project the beneficiaries got new information about the physiotherapy education, different hydrotherapy applications, the organizations of the rehabilitation clinics and thermal units. In addition social relationships were improved and made a decision for the future projects.