Türe N., Güvey A.

Uluslararası Katılımlı 8. Ulusal Otoloji Nörotoloji Kongresi, Denizli, Turkey, 25 June 2021

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Summary Text
  • City: Denizli
  • Country: Turkey
  • Kütahya Health Sciences University Affiliated: Yes



1Kütahya Health Science University, Evliya Çelebi Research And Training Hospital 

Nurullah Ture1, Ali Güveypage29image4225856

Objective: We aimed to conduct a descriptive bibliometric research, in which the quantitative analysis of otology-neurootology books in Turkey between 1892-2021 was carried out. 

Materials and Methods: The National library explorer automation system, the database available on the official website of the electronic booksellers and publishing houses selling books in Turkey, and the Turkish Otorhinolaryngology Bibliography book were used to determine the books published between 1892 and 2021 in the field of otology-neurotology. The year and the city in which the books were published, the evaluation of the subject, the features of translation and copyrighted works were evaluated. 

Results: It was shown that the number of books found in the field of otology-neurootology between 1892 and 2021 was 43. It has been determined that the first otology book identified was translated by Mehmet Neşet in 1892 and published in Istanbul. It has been detect- ed that the most up-to-date book in our research was published in Ankara in 2021 on audiology as a copyrighted work by Fuat Bulut. It was observed that the city in which the books were published the most was Istanbul (19), followed by Ankara (13) and seven of the books were translated works and thirty-six were copyright. In the evaluation of the publication date, 8 books were published in the 1892-1940 time period, 11 books in the 1940-1980 time period and 22 books in the 1980-2020 time period. In the last 10 years, it has been observed that 18 books have been published in the field of otology-neurootology. 

Conclusion: The NLR and ferritin levels were significantly higher in patients with BP. NLR and ferritin can be used as auxiliary parameters in the diagnosis of Bell’s palsy.A positive and significant relationship was found between the degree of facial paralysis and the folate level. Vitamin D level in the patient group was found to be lower than the control group. As far as we know, there is no study in the literature examining the relationship between Bell’s palsy and folate and vita- min D levels.Further studies with larger patient groups are needed to determine the etiology of Bell’s palsy and contribute to its treatment. 

Keywords: bibliometrics, autology-neurotology, book