The efficiency of aromatherapy and music therapy on reducing the anxiety woman face during invasive and non-invasive gynecologic examination

Erbaba H. , Pınar G.

"PREVENTION IN GYNAECOLOGICAL MALIGNANCIES SEPTEMBER , Antalya, Turkey, 8 - 10 October 2016, vol.26, no.27643749, pp.80-81


Gynecologic examination anxiety is caused from lack of knowledge, fear of pathologic diagnosis, personal attack and fear of cancer. The reason of anxiety unfamiliarity hospital environment, unknown devices, process, medical language.

The negative experience of gynecologic examination can cause difficulty in early diagnosis and treatment of the disease and may make it impossible. 

Objectives: A literature review was made on the frequency of using music therapy and aromatherapy to compete with the anxiety woman face during invasive gynecologic examination.

Results: In the review of the literature it was determined that 40% to 79% have pains, 50%-80% are embarassed, 55%-65% are stressed, 30%-50% feel fear and uneasiness. Also 67.1 % of the woman feel uncomfortable of showing their genital organ and 39.6 % find the approach of doctors and nurses annoying.

One of the two methods used during examination aromatherapy reduces the rate of anxiety 17%-38% and music therapy reduces it 15 %. 

Conclusion: As a result of the research carried out it has been determined that in order to reduce the anxiety felt during gynecologic examination complementary medicine practices are used more frequently while these are less in our country.

Since these methods can be easily reached and are more economic its contribution should be shown by making studies on patients with more evidences and should be used in routine studies. It is also believed that more professional approaches of the doctors and nurses will also reduce anxiety and will allow woman to have a more comfortable examination with less pain.

Keywords: Gynecologic examination, anxiety, music therapy, aromatherapy